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Welcome to The Lattice Company

This is our online store and craft show all wrapped up in one big package.

Wow! The store is looking great!
You know how it is when you have company coming over. You pick stuff up and move stuff around and maybe sweep a floor or two. Well, that is what we have done to get ready for visitors coming to Ashley.
I'm not exactly sure what the correct name is...I think it is called the Northern Polar Express. You know it as the train that is in the movie The Polar Express. It is the 1225 steam engine and it is coming to our village. Actually the train has been here about 8 times already and it is scheduled for about 10 more stops in Ashley. If you are a train buff you will definitely want to see it.
If you do come to Ashley, MI. please make sure to stop in and see us at The Lattice Company. We are right down town...you can't miss us!

Happy Shopping!

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Our Products

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